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Enjoy Knowing What Your Room Will Look Like..Before you Begin!

Behr Mobile’s ColorSmart Smartphone app enables a photo
match with any Behr Color.

Explore palettes, match colors to an architectural style, even create and coordinate a custom look for a room, all without dipping a brush into a can thanks to new color design tools from paint manufacturers. Sherwin Williams and Behr Paints enable consumers to virtually paint rooms in their own houses using an uploaded photo of their room. With Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer tool, they can select surfaces to paint including walls, trim, windows and doors and use a different color for each. Color options range in the thousands but suggested palettes narrow the options. Projects can be saved and revisited later.

Sherwin Williams Chip It tool, allows consumers to select any online image and the tool automatically finds corresponding paint colors. finds a matching paint color and even suggests a custom palette. Behr has a mobile tool called ColorSmart, which allows consumers to match colors, share projects online and virtually paint their room.

Express Your Love and……Enjoy!

I love you because…what a neat way to leave notes to each other – use a dry erase marker on the glass.




Shoe Lovers! Enjoy Your Assortment.

For extreme shoe lovers! Bookcases works wonders for your home. Notice the glass door. What a great way to “Enjoy Your Home” and shoes!


Time for your dog to “Enjoy Your Home”.

Doggie house! This is a great little idea for how to make use of the space under a staircase.

Clear Your Bathroom Counter Top…Talk about Enjoying!

Such a good idea, basket to keep your hairdryer/straightener/curler off the sink & out of the way.


A better way to “Enjoy Your Kids Bath”

Shower rod against back wall with wire hanging baskets for bath toy storage. Parents you’ve got to LOVE this!

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day at Home!


Here’s a cute idea for a St. Patty’s Day wreath to jazz up your front door – and all you need are items you can find around the house!


Find whatever scraps of green and white fabric you can from old shirts, linens, etc.  Use both solids and patterns and different shades.   Get a wire hanger to form the wreath.  It will end up being about 12” diameter.


A little tutorial:  Use a wire hanger for the form. Snip off the hook part of the hanger and then using pliers, straighten it the best you can and then shape it into a 12″ diameter circle. Hold the ends together with duct tape or twist the ends together using pliers..


The fabric strips are 1″ x 6″ (which you can cut with a rotary tool, if you have one). Tie them all to the wire. You will need about 150 strips. Use a pretty green ribbon (or a longer strip of fabric) to tie into a nice bow at the top to hang the wreath from the hook on your door.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Adorable and all you need is 36 4×6 frames!